Machine works, forging and heat treatments

Machine works, forging and heat treatments

Section S1 lies on a surface of about 5000 sqm, having the following workshops:

The MACHINE WORKS is endowed with parallel lathes for parts with maximum diameter of 1200 mm, turning lathes forparts with maximum 2600 mm diameter, shapers, millers, drillers with coordinates, slotters, universal grinders, plane grinders, borers, boring and milling machines, gear cutting machines, V shape and circular arc, 5 tf mono beams, alternative saws.

The FORGING is endowed with: 5 tf. travelling crane, forging furnace with S=0.64 sqm, heating furnace S=1 sqm, compressed-air hammer, forging hammers (200 kgf and 1000 kgf), 150 tf. and 400 tf. power press, 63 tf eccentric press.

Parts weighing between 0.5 kg and 500 kg, with a maximum 500 mm diameter, can be forged.

The HEAT TREATMENT is endowed with heat-treatment furnaces type CE-7 and CE-10 and relief heat treatment furnace with roller hearth with a surface of 20 sqm.