Technological equipment and metal constructions

Technological equipment and metal constructions

Section S2 lies on a surface of about 8500sqm2 with the following workshops:

The CUTTING uses the following equipment:

   Numerically controlled machines for oxy-gas cutting and plasma cutting;
   Continuous band saw (maximum section 400x600 mm);
   Oxy-gas cutting machine up to 120 mm thickness;
   Plasma cutting machine up to 40 mm thickness;
   Sandblasting plants (maximum section 2600x600 mm);
   Sheet metal chamfering machines..

There are 3 assembly workshops endowed with different operations using the following equipment:

   Bending machines – metal sheet up to 40 mm thickness and up to 3200 mm width;
   Abkant – metal sheet up to 10 mm thickness and 6000 mm length.

   Automatic welding equipment in flux layer;
   Universal sources;
   Inverters for coated electrode welding;
   MIG-MAG, WIG, TIG equipment.

The setting and adjustment of the parameters of the welding condition is made by AMCs from the welding.

Execution personnel: certified welders - RINA

   Hydraulic pressure test stations of max. 1000 bar and pneumatic pressure of max. 10 bar;
   The sanding is performed by means of an automatic sandblasting equipment with metal , until obtaining the surface cleaning degree according to the provisions of ISO 8501-1;
   The preassebbly can be executed on concrete trails of 100 x 100 m, metal platforms of 4.5 x 36 m equipped with 12 and 20 tf cranes.